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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pray for the people of Kurdistan

Prayer guide for Kurds:

* Pray for the very small number of Christians among the Kurds, Assyrians and Armenians. May they put their trust fully in King Jesus, while growing and being strengthened in the faith.

* Pray also that the complete New Testament can be translated into all languages as soon as possible, be approved for publication, printed and distributed. May audio and video versions of the Gospel also be widely distributed.

The Christian Quarters in Sulaimaniya

The Christian quarters traditionally lie in the eastern part of the city, along with one of three churches. The oldest church was built in 1862. Most indigenous Christians belong to the Chaldean Church, an ancient oriental church linked with the Church of Rome. Evangelical missions in Kurdistan began around 1830. Only a few isolated Kurds from an Islamic background have found faith in Jesus Christ. Many are held back by fear of being excluded from the Islamic community.

Prayer for the Oppressed: Psalm 10

My heart is gripped with God’s emotions and concern for the fatherless of the earth.  Especially those afflicted and oppressed.  Praying through these gut wrenching images God has put in my mind has lead me to Psalm 10.  Although I have read it many times, it was like it was the first.  If your interested in seeing God’s heart for these dear ones of the earth, check out Psalm 10.  I have attached a short bible study/xref on the psalm, along with a prayer of my heart.Psalm 10 and Prayer for Afflicted

Qubad Talabani - Religious freedom in Kurdistan

"KRG Minister of Tourism in DC, as he is Assyrian means we'll likely focus more on religious freedom issues in Iraq than tourism in Kurdistan"