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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Christian missioners in Kurdistan

  • As we returned to Dohuk, we stopped at the top of the mountain range which overlooks the city to pray. We prayed with these gracious men that God would call out of Kurdistan a people for His name. God gave us a sweet time of fellowship with these brothers in Christ.

    Praying for a free Kurdistan in Duhok

Pastor in Duhok
Church in Duhok
  • God has no language barriers and He hears each of our prayers.

Today was a very eventful yet very profitable day. The Lord blessed us in a great way with encouraging trips to several villages outside the city of Dohuk. We hit the ground running by meeting with house churches in villages near the Iraqi-Syrian border. The above photo is the meeting with the house church in Zakho.

Orthodox Church in Zaxo

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