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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pray for the people of Kurdistan

Prayer guide for Kurds:

* Pray for the very small number of Christians among the Kurds, Assyrians and Armenians. May they put their trust fully in King Jesus, while growing and being strengthened in the faith.

* Pray also that the complete New Testament can be translated into all languages as soon as possible, be approved for publication, printed and distributed. May audio and video versions of the Gospel also be widely distributed.


Paulina Rose said...

This is a really neat website- I've enjoyed reading through the posts and learning how to better pray for Kurdistan. I worked in Sulymaniah for a while, teaching in a Christian school with Servant Group International. To learn more about this organization:

Usne Ikhlaq said...

I am not you can rest assured, but a Christian from Pakistan now out of the Country. Christian are also persecuted in my country as well but poor and cannot settle in Europe, just searching if we can settle in Kurdistan living by farming and cultivation. Is there plenty of land that we may buy on easy payment. We want to settle in group of 30 families 20-30 acres per family is enough. God bless you all. Joseph Daniels