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Friday, March 21, 2008

KRG condemns killing of Archbishop of Mosul, Faraj Raho, 14:49:46 15 Mar. 2008
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The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) strongly condemns the killing of Archbishop Faraj Raho, the head of the Chaldean Church in Mosul.

On the evening of 29 February 2008, Monsignor Raho and three of his assistants were kidnapped at gunpoint after celebrating mass at Mosul's Church of the Holy Spirit. At that time, the three men accompanying the Archbishop were shot and killed. Yesterday, after a period of two weeks, the body of Monsignor Raho was found.

The KRG strongly condemns this inhumane and cowardly act and reiterates that terrorists cannot impede the peaceful coexistence of different ethnic and religious groups in Iraq. Through their violent acts, the terrorists achieve only shame and condemnation.

The KRG urges the people and administration of Mosul to work together in order to achieve security and stability. It is willing and ready to assist the city administration in defeating the terrorists and restore stability.

The KRG expresses its sincere condolences to the Chaldean community and the family and friends of Archbishop Raho and his three assistants.


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