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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kongra-Gel congratulate the Christians during Christmas

Tomorrow is the birthday of Jesus and a day that is celebrated solemnly during Christmas. Kurdistan is one of the countries in which the feast was celebrated in the first and it is a feast during which more than 1000 years, celebrated by our Christian brothers and sisters who live among us. Kurdistan is an area where people of different religions have peacefully lived side by side, but throughout history have external forces laid the foundations of several tragedies.

Festivals are days that symbolize joy, peace and quiet, and Christmas is a day that should be celebrated with the same spirit. We as Kongra-Gel congratulate mainly Christians in Kurdistan, but also the Kurdish people and Christians in general over Christmas. We as Kongra-Gel hope it will be a period of quiet and peace.

Merry Christmas wishes

Kongra-Gels presidency

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