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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Kurdistan Regional Presidency, Assembly and Government Urge Protection of Christians

Baghdad, Iraq Thursday 16 Oct 2008 Yesterday in Baghdad, the President of
the Kurdistan Regional Government Massoud Barzani and the President of Iraq
Jalal Talabani met with representatives of the Christian groups. During the
summit President Barzani emphasized his concerns over the continuous reports
of deportations and coercion against the country´s Christian citizens –
calling the deeds inhumane acts. President Barzani explained as far as the
Kurdistan Region´s duties are concerned the general and firm policy
regarding the Christian groups is to ensure and protect their well-being and
rights as equal citizens.

Reports of deportations and discrimination against the Christian citizens in
the town of Mosul has impelled the Kurdistan Region´s Presidency, Assembly
and Government to strongly oppose the recent deteriorating developments and
urge all its institutions and departments to be of assistance for the
victimized families. On several occasions statements have been released
urging the Iraqi Government to carry out its duties and protect the rights
of the Christian groups. The Kurdistan Presidency as well as Assembly and
Government has taken stance against the abolishment of Article 50 of the
Provincial Election Law that ensures the full rights of minority groups.
This week the President of the Kurdistan National Assembly announced it has
ear-marked 100 million Iraqi dinars intended for the internally displaced
Christians inflicted by recent developments in Mosul.

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