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Monday, October 27, 2008

Kurds and the Christians

From Kurdistan.Ru

Kurds and the Christians

On October 25 [Dzhokhar] Of [kirmandzh], adviser of the Secretary General of PSK on questions of culture is completely obvious that Christianity existed to the appearance of Islam, and it is largest in the world religion, that has followers in all countries and in our Kurdistan including. For the course of the entire history of Kurdistan the Christians sent their religious rites without any limitations, and here never there existed real problems by believer- Moslems and by Christians and by other religions, by such as [ezidy].

Furthermore, frequently in the history in the hard times we stretched to each other the hand of aid. For example those Jews, who were located in Kurdistan in the epoch of monarchy, they lived in the world and without any discrimination not only in the large cities, but also in the distant villages. This was partly because the Kurds highly place humanity, and themselves they were also deprived of their rights and were suppressed, and, correspondingly, they do not make possible for themselves to accomplish injustices in the attitude of other nations, religions and sects.
If sometimes someone entered otherwise, this was its personal behavior and it has nothing general with the Kurdish national point sight.
Recently Iraqi Christians suffer from the pursuits, the threats and the expulsions, and unfortunately, some Iraqi Arab parties could make Kurds the coachboxes of release for their crimes, charging them with the pursuit of Christians, especially in Mosul and Kirkuk. These charges are unjustified and sharply they contradict with reality.
We, Kurds, government and people, opened our hearts and our doors for the Christian refugees, who tested the threat of death.
Those, who charge Kurds, they intentionally ignore the statements of terrorists themselves, who constantly speak, that they want [dzhizi] (tax, which according to the shariat they must pay to Moslems heterodox - ed.) from [nemusulman]
If impartial side interrogates our Christian brothers and the sisters, who searched for protection in Kurdistan, escaping from the violence, then for it will become obvious, to which degree [Kurdistanskiy] region is safe and is ready to accept all people of any nationalities, and to what extent their rights are reliably protected.

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