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Monday, November 3, 2008

Head of the Assyrian party of Kurdistan: Kurds will grant the autonomy to Christians

On November 3 the head of Assyrian party Beyt Of nakhreyn and the leader of Christian fraction in the parliament of Kurdistan Romio Of hakkyari stated in the interview for newspaper Hewler post, that in the new constitution Of Kurdistan region will be fixed the right of Christians to the autonomy. He stated that is very contented by position Masoud Barzani at the encounter with Bush regarding the rights of Christians.

At present Kurdistan renders aid to those Christians, who escaped from Mosul under the threat of murder. It notes that its party required autonomy for the Christians since 1970. Accordingly by its given, in Kurdistan it is at present more than 10 thousand Christians, who recently escaped from other regions of Iraq. “Without the aid of Kurds we cannot ensure our rights” - it noted. “If the rights of Christians to the autonomy will be fixed, then the entire world, including America, will respect Kurdistan” - Assyrian leader noted.

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