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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nechirvan Barzani : the pain of Christians - our overall pain

On November 28 in the Friday issue of the largest German newspaper “[Frankfurter] of Rundshau” is published by the interview of the prime minister of Kurdistan [Nechirvana] Of [barzani] from The [shirvanom] dynamic meter, dedicated to situation with the Christians in Iraq. As is known, several days ago the European Union made the decision to present the refuge of 10 thousand Christians from Iraq, including 2,5 thousands of them it must accept Germany.

V.: Respected [Nechirvan], for a while in Mosul was back killed the large number of Christians. Them they forced to leave their houses and to run. At this time some parties accused of this of Kurds. What you will say to this?

O.: Not in our interests so that the Christians would leave Mosul, in particular because in Mosul the Kurds and Christians are partners. And if Christians in Mosul it will not remain, we will have less than voices and we have less than places in the provincial council. This does damage to us. I want to ask: perhaps it is possible to represent so that the people, which for many years did undergo violence, would make today the same with other peoples? For us, Kurds, these are even not policy, but the matter of honor. Our support to Christians does not bear political nature, but more it is the matter of honor. It is unimportant for us, which the number of Christians. It is important for us that they live in Kurdistan and have historical roots in this region. When the regime of Saddam destroyed in the region of village, no one asked, these are Kurdish, Christian or [ezidskie] villages. It is important for us that we together live in this region, and therefore our villages were destroyed. After war in Iraq the Christians of Basra and Baghdad were forced to run. At this time we opened for them our doors, and they gave refuge to thousand of them. We help them in accordance with our possibilities.

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